Congresso Internacional de Metrologia Mecânica (CIMMEC)

Times of crisis can create opportunities for the national industry to recreate itself and value even more the quality of their products, so they are accepted by the internal and external markets. For that metrology is a critical partner.

With the purpose of strengthening development of metrology in general, the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) and the Brazilian Society of Metrology (SBM) will host in the city of Fortaleza the METROLOGIA 2017. As part of it and focusing on metrology of mechanical units, the 4th International Congress of Metrology Mechanics (IV CIMMEC) will take place.

Since 2008, when CIMMEC was held for the first time, it has been very successful event due to the presence of renowned metrologists from Brazil and Abroad, and the technical content presented by them.

This event was created to bring together and integrate people and organizations, within a wide and strategic environment of technical-scientific interchange, particularly Metrology Mechanics, ensuring tools for unbound development of measurement science and technology, within the context of the so-called new era of the knowledge society.


Metrological areas considered as part of the IV CIMMEC scope are the following:


 The proposed subjects that must focus on these areas are: