Congresso Internacional de Metrologia Elétrica (SEMETRO)


The SEMETRO, initially designated as seminar on electrical metrology, from its eighth edition was renamed as International Congress on Electrical Metrology and aims to strengthen the development of metrology and electrical instrumentation, especially in Brazil and Latin America, bringing together people and entities to produce knowledge and scientific culture by promoting the exchange of experts and researchers in the country and abroad.

The SEMETRO, now in its twelfth edition, has been consolidated over the years as one of the world's top three events of metrology and electrical instrumentation and is considered the largest event of its kind in Latin America.  The technical contributions received and published in its annals, always address issues that are at the edge of knowledge in the electrical area, still undergoing themes for consolidation of metrological concepts of interest relevant to the providers of calibration laboratories and testing services, offering further important information for the electricity sector service industries and users.  Without forgetting the valuable discussions covering the latest discoveries in quantum Metrology.

Constituted in a broad and strategic environment, the XII SEMETRO is being structured with the firm intention to bring together and integrate people and organizations interested in the various specialized or multidisciplinary aspects of technology, science and art of measurement, especially measurement of electric quantities.  In the context of this integration purpose, it aims to promote the meeting of working professionals and entrepreneurs of the Brazilian metrology with renowned experts, academics, researchers and metrologists from other countries linked to important international metrology organizations.  The objective event also bring together government agency representatives, managers of R&D centers, professionals responsible for the dissemination of technological information, auditors and international enterprises consultants, representatives of professionals associations and educators from engineering, physics, mathematics, statistics and technology areas generally responsible for curriculum development and new educational methodologies.

Themes for submission of papers:
The papers presented in SEMETRO will be organized according to the following topics:

  1. Automation, validation and productivity in electrical metrology;
  2. Standards, calibration, techniques, measurement methods and procedures;
  3. Quality management in calibration and testing laboratories;
  4. Quantum metrology and fundamental constants;
  5. Measuring systems, remote and virtual calibration;
  6. New technologies used in electrical metrology;
  7. Traceability and inter-laboratory comparisons of the electrical quantities;
  8. Electrical metrology in health, environment and telecommunications;
  9. Mathematical and statistical tools for metrology;
  10. Measurement of time and frequency;
  11. Smart Grid; 

  12. Measurement of electrical quantities;
  13. Measurement of non-electrical quantities related to electrical metrology;
  14. Education in measurement and electrical Instrumentation;
  15. Analog and mixed signal processing for measurement;
  16. Measurement applications;
  17. Sensors and transducers;
  18. A/D and D/A converters;
  19. Electrical measurements applied in the biomedical field.